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    Medicinal qualities:

    In vivo


    Myrcene mimics the peripheral analgesic activity of lemongrass tea.

    Lorenzetti, B. B., Souza, G. E., Sarti, S. J., Santos Filho, D., & Ferreira, S. H. (1991)

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    Central effects of citral, myrcene and limonene, constituents of essential oil chemotypes from Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E. Brown.

    Gurgel do Vale, T., Couto Furtado, E., Santos Jr., J. G., & Viana, G. S. B. (2002)

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    In vitro


    Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory, anti-catabolic and pro-anabolic effects of E-caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene in a cell model of osteoarthritis.

    Rufino, A.T., Ribeiro, M., Sousa, C., Judas, F., Salgueiro L., Cavaleiro, C., & Mendes, A. F. (2015)

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    Enhance transdermal absorption

    Cooperative interaction of monoterpenes and phenylpropanoids on the in vitro human skin permeation of complex composed essential oils.

    Schmitt, S., Schaefer, U. F., Doebler, L., & Reichling, J. (2009)

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    Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of skin irritation, acute and sub-acute toxicity of Cymbopogon citratus essential oil in mice and rabbits.

    Lulekal E, Tesfaye S, Gebrechristos S, Dires K, Zenebe T, Zegeye N, Feleke G, Kassahun A, Shiferaw Y, Mekonnen A. (2019)

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    High β-Myrcene strain-specific terpene formulations:

    Strawberry diesel terpene bottle

    This famous hybrid is known for its delicious sour strawberry overtones and generous yields

    50ml / 1.7oz$23500
    250ml / 8.4oz$98000
    Tangie terpene bottle

    The citrus heritage is the most evident in this profile due to its refreshing tangerine aroma.

    50ml / 1.7oz$23500
    250ml / 8.4oz$98000